IRS Determination Letter

IRS Form 1023

990-PF for 2018

Information and Returns

The IRS regulations require that a private foundation provide copies of its three most recent annual information returns, its exemption application and its determination letter from the IRS, in response to an in-person or written request. Private foundations are not required to provide copies of these documents if they are "widely available". The IRS regulations provide that a private foundation can meet this requirement by posting the documents on the Web in a form that is easy to access, download, view and print. We've made these documents available in PDF format. 

These documents are also available in printed form for public inspection at our principal office during normal business hours.

The Lawrence Foundation is also listed on Guidestar. We can be found by searching for "The Lawrence Foundation" and then selecting the entry located in Santa Monica.

Additional information is available about reading and interpreting the IRS Form 990-PF. 

Our exemption application, determination letter and information return can be found on this page in PDF format to download.